Ideas need spaces



72% of children and young people want to do something about climate change but only 43% know how. This is where BEAT3° comes in and wants to inform, inspire and motivate – without pointing fingers, but with a lot of fun. To do this, the two founders rely on gamification: through nutrition, energy, waste or mobility challenges, young people become active and strengthen their awareness of climate protection. At the same time, they collect points by documenting their activities by uploading photos or videos, and these are converted into prizes in some challenges.


Using instead of owning is the new trend. Particularly within the business ecosystem of cycling. It is climate-friendly, healthy and you can get from A to B quickly, especially in cities. We are all the more pleased to welcome our new A1 Start Up Campus member EDDI With the all-in subscription for bicycles in Austria, the founding team ensures a flexible, carefree and sustainable future of urban mobility. In addition, the package includes an all-round service – from repair to replacement in case of theft.


Lack of exercise, stress and an unhealthy diet are responsible for many diseases and health problems. With the app “Pandocs”, eight founders have set themselves the goal of motivating users to lead a healthier lifestyle and to integrate exercise and mental well-being into their everyday lives. The combination of fitness, mental health and nutrition coupled with rewards makes the app attractive and promising for a broad target group. The Upper Austrian start-up is now a member of the A1 Start Up Campus, which is thus expanding its eHealth area.


Warrify fixes a problem that concerns commerce and customers alike: After having bought a device, customers often do not have the receipts at hand in case of questions or warranty. One the other hand, retailers often have only few information, especially concerning walk-in customers. With warrify, customers save their receipts via QR-code centralized in a web-app, thereby always having access to warranty-benefits or other important data. In return, retailers are able to address customers targeted with suited services and benefits like warranty extensions or perks for succeeding models. All without having to set up a loyalty program.


Yoovis developed a unique learning ecosystem, consisting of a curriculum-based Quizapp (YooQuiz) and a learning platform that connects teachers, pupils and parents on the one hand, with companies on the other hand. It’s essential that this is easy for teachers, exciting for pupils as well as that parents have an overview.

The “why-learning approach” (why do you learn something?) also involves companies in the learning system and thus creates a „reference to reality”, what increases the motivation to learn, but also strengthens the local ecosystem.

YooQuiz also enables a simple, playful entry to the “world of learning” at school, at home (with friends and family), featuring typical gaming elements, such as leagues, level systems, rewards, avatars, (class-/school-) competitions etc.


Electrolytes such as sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), etc. are essential for human health. Each electrolyte serves specific and important roles, and their balance is critically important for numerous physiological functions like hydration, cellular metabolism and neuromuscular transmission. Disorders of electrolyte balance are significant health issues, which – if not treated in time – may cause serious life-threatening problems.

The Innsbruck-based company UriSalt is developing a smart point-of-care device and an innovative urine test for the self-assessment of the electrolyte-status in body. UriSalt’s solution enables the user to adjust his diet to the optimum level so as to avoid critical deficiencies and surpluses.


The app MatheHero shows every previous Matura exercise. During the training mode, students can access over 1,000 questions and receive immediate feedback on whether a task has been solved correctly or incorrectly, as well as personal statistics on strengths and weaknesses in the certain subject areas. Not only the result is shown, but also the solution including a detailed explanation. MatheHero saves these results and informs students about well-known areas and the ones they have to improve.


Innovative cash software in the cloud! ready2order is a mobile and platform-independent cash system for smartphones, tablets and computers that responds to the legal requirement that all companies have a cash register from 2016 onwards. With ready2order buying special hardware becomes a thing of the past. A secure cloud solution enables around-the-clock, location-independent use and administration for entrepreneurs.

Revolution in
advertising planning

Adscanner is an ad analytics platform for advertisers, media agencies and TV marketers. Adscanner tracks the signals from TV campaigns in real-time on all channels and can provide immediate information about when and where the advertising has taken place. This makes advertise planning much more targeted and efficient.

Data Insights

Invenium Data Insights is a high-tech spin-off of Graz University of Technology and Know-Center GmbH that focuses on generating anonymous traffic and kinetic energy analyses. The algorithms used to calculate the anonymous database were developed by Invenium and have been scientifically verified. They are operated in the high-security environment of the A1 data centres.


Whalebone is a DNS-filtering IT security solution used for Internet providers and corporate networks. Whalebone identifies reports and blocks infected domains, such as “malware installer” and / or disrupts communication between any malicious software that has been installed and malware command as well as the control centre.

Information portal for wheelchair accessible active holiday

Holidays on Wheels is a competence portal for barrier-free active holidays. The portal gives tips and shows the entire service chain, from accommodation to active offers, restaurants to public transport – all checked for accessibility. The goal is to provide people with disabilities with a reliable source of information for planning their holiday in Austria.

for real estate

Building great ideas: Reval is a crowd-investing platform for real estate projects. Anyone can contribute an idea or participate as an investor and help shape the project. Reval’s project workshop helps builders develop ideas in advance with the crowd. The ideas are then implemented jointly.

management system

PlanRadar was the first A1 Start Up and until 2016 part of the A1 Start Up Campus. The construction defect management system carried the day at the first Start Up Initiative 2012. The app for architects, engineers and facility managers makes it possible to record defects in construction projects in an interface during the inspection and to attribute them to the relevant construction service providers.

Smart Home

Flatout Technologies was based at the A1 Start Up Campus until 2015. The start-up has developed a smart home solution that allows you to control various devices conveniently via your mobile phone or tablet. The platform provides an environment in which products from multiple manufacturers can communicate and be controlled in the Internet of Things.

Mopius Frameworks

Mopius develops frameworks that allow users to access digital content based on location and context through proximity technologies. The technologies intelligently link on- and off-line worlds, providing a completely new approach to helping companies transition to the digital future.

Measure advertising
impact in real time

Folyo makes it possible for the first time in Europe to track and rate outdoor advertising in real time. Using a new way of branding vehicles, Folyo gets a company’s brand straight to where it should be, to the customer. Thanks to smart data analysis from A1 and GPS motion data, Folyo knows how many contact opportunities a campaign generates.