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Arivo is a start-up established in Graz, that has set itself the goal of making parking digital, smart and simple. What began with a simple, but indsutry-best license plate recognition system, has over time become a fully-fledged digital parking management system, which is even able to map complex processes and scenarios.

The 100% digital Arvio Smart Parking System is future-proof in every respect. It offers a scalable solution that is profitable not only for small garages and parking areas, but also suitable for the most complex requirements.


Urban outdoor lifestyle, designed on the sunny side of Austria. The mission of SUNNYBAG is to promote a conscious and environmentally friendly society by creating stylish, fashionable products that recharge all portable devices with an unlimited source of clean energy – sunlight.

Combining style, technology and respect for nature: SUNNYBAG.


Founded as a spin-off from the University of Technology in Graz in 2017, the team of EET has designed and developed SolMate which is the first electricity storage tank with lightweight solar panels for the balcony to plug into the socket. SolMate combines design, independence and innovation and at the same time offers balcony privacy with function. By using  space-saving solar panels in combination with a compact, small power storage unit, there is enough space for their solar system even on smaller city balconies. SolMate helps to reduce electricity costs and is at the same time the most beautiful balcony privacy screen with function.



VR Motion Learning

VR Motion Learning is an Austrian start-up in SportsTech & VR which has developed a technology that teaches you any kind of body motion. Their tennis application is so authentic that real tennis games, playing from home is possible.  The applied technologies cover video & audio fidelity in VR, highest levels of immersion, haptic feedback, real- time full body motion tracking and capture, interaction with people and objects, multiplayer games, games between locations and usage of data collection, similarity modelling, biomechanical modelling, real-time data analysis and processing using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence tools.® is specialised in repair & maintenance of multimedia devices directly at the customers place. Smartphones, tablets & Co. are repaired by our technicians directly in the (office) premises of our customers. Replacement devices and tedious data transfers become obsolete, as the majority of our repairs are carried out within minutes. Due to the on-site service, our customers have full control over all data on the device all the time without having to issue passwords or other sensitive access.

Repairing your smartphone does more than you think! If the lifetime of smartphones within the EU would be extended by 1 year, 2.100.000 tons of CO2 per year could be saved!

As a clear statement for environmental protection & sustainability, we plant a tree for each repair to bind CO2 and producing oxygen.


XUND has developed an AI-supported health assistant and wants to improve the quality and access to health care. Similar to a doctor’s consultation, the interaction with the user addresses existing health complaints. By analyzing additional information such as age, gender and risk factors, correlations can be recognized and probable disease patterns can be identified. The identification of possible diagnosis and treatment paths then helps users to find the right path in the health system.



Scarletred is a digital health company revolutionising dermatology by introducing standardisation and objectivity in the process of skin imaging and assessment by our mobile medical device system Scarletred®Vision. The product is easy to use and allows you to develop better skin care products and health care services faster at significant lower cost.


In Austria, there are 300,000 tons of packaging waste yearly. RePhil can replace these by the stepwise integration of reusable bowls and cups in canteen & commercial kitchens. RePhil wants to create a standardized circulatory system, which allows customers to enjoy their take-away in a sustainable, practical manner without producing waste. The bowls and cups are made of polypropylene and CO2 neutral after 7 uses.


Salamantex is a young company, dedicated to providing all-in-one payment system solutions. The Salamantex Crypto Payment Service Software offers companies the opportunity to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. The special Crypto Payment Terminal is a complete package of hardware and software and offers “the easy way for crypto pay.”


Within shortest time PROPSTER has managed to optimize the product sampling and the handling of special requests for residential and office projects. The core of the business idea is to create a uniform tool for communication, organisation and documentation for real estate developers and property developers as well as for apartment buyers, which fulfils all requirements and wishes of both sides simply and clearly.


SchoolFox and KidsFox are apps for smartphones and computers by the umbrella brand Fox Education. They help educators, parents and pupils to communicatie securely and efficiently while organizing the daily school and daycare life. More than 5.000 educational establishments use SchoolFox as a collaboration tool in school or KidsFox as a secure messenger in day nurseries, kindergardens and daycare centers. With that, Fox Education contributes an important component for digitalizing the educational system.


The Bspotted software distributes correct company data to all online directories, smartphones applications and navigation systems. The company is better rankend and easier found by potential customers. Ratings and comments, no matter where they arise, are filtered and presented clearly. Digital customer care is optimized.


Optionally, our system distributes postings across all social channels, generating more reach without the need for an additional advertising budget.


Refurbed is the fastest growing online marketplace for refurbished products in the German-speaking countries. The start-up based in Vienna sells electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets that have been thoroughly overhauled and which are up to 40% cheaper and 100% more sustainable. Refurbed ™ devices are restored in up to 40 steps, look like new and work like new. There is always at least a one-year warranty and a free 30-day trial period.

Insider Navigation

The first company to offer AR (Augmented Reality) for indoor positioning and navigation for mobile devices without special hardware. AR and efficient navigation technologies enable a globally unique, holistic solution that makes it easy to identify the physical locations of mobile devices. All digital information can be displayed in the right place in the building. Factories generate a lot of data (through IoT, sensors, machines …) and we want to show that. This helps AR to optimize routes, inventory, and / or inspections to avoid mistakes.


Eversports is the leading booking platform for your sports activities. It’s easy, online and without any membership! You can book over 200 different types of sports at more than 1,500 facilities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. From yoga, pilates, functional fitness and fitness studios to tennis, squash, badminton, soccer and beach volleyball, our offer is unlimited. Our mission is to enable everyone to do sports every time and everywhere.


Wisch’n provides an application that lets you swipe through pictures associated with specific attributes to help the customers in making a purchasing decision. Wisch’n is able to use known interaction patterns and collects and analyzes big data. The playful interaction leads to a higher conversion rate while tailored offerings of product solutions can be made.


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