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Seed & Early Stage

Our ambition with the A1 Start Up Campus is to support young companies as they take the first steps towards becoming a “new business” – regardless of whether you have already founded your company or not. Start-ups with new ideas and initial development experience get the most benefit from the scheme if they have a specific goal in mind and accept the support of the A1 experts. It is crucial that we believe not just in your idea, but also in you and your team.

Customer Target

We are primarily looking for solutions that create added value for our B2C and B2B customers by expanding our product and service portfolio. In addition, we are looking for solutions that we can adapt internally.


We offer our expertise, access to technology and infrastructure. In return, we can expand and / or innovate our product and service portfolio with the new technologies developed by the start-ups.

Our Focus

Accordingly, our focus is on digital services, cloud solutions, and data driven ideas. If we have the proper fit, we can give the start-up access to our sales channels: A1 marketplace, the website, shops, telesales and indirect channels.

Our Share

A1 participates virtually in your start-up. This means that our investment will only become effective in the event of an exit or when dividends are distributed. All control and participation rights of course remain with you or your investors. The amount of the participation is negotiated individually in the Start Up Contract. For A1 and your start-up to cooperate, the company must have the legal form of a GmbH. If you have not yet founded your company, please contact us anyway! We are happy to advise you during this process.

The A1 Start Up Contract

Cooperation needs reliability and transparency. To make sure you know what you can rely on, we draw up an individual Start Up Contract. This defines in detail the benefits you can expect from us and what we will receive in return (amount of virtual share).

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